Northern Indiana Service Dogs specializes in training their dogs for their clients' individual needs.  We obtain our puppies from our own breeding program and breeders that we have established a working relationship with over the past 5+ years, primarily working with the Golden retriever, Cream retriever, Great retriever and goldendoodle.  The puppies start their service dog training from the moment they are born.  Depending on the tasks requried, our dogs are ready to go to their new homes around the ages of 10 months to 14 months of age.

We teach our dogs the tasks needed based on the clients need.  They learn how to be an anchor for an autistic child, locate their lost child, carry medicine in their packs, help assist with balance after a seizure, alert for help during the seizure*, and most importantly - be your best friend, you will never be alone again.

*We do not guarantee that our dogs will predict seizures.  However, we hope that in time after you bond with your dog, the dog will notice the seizure and will alert to them.

After you are matched with a dog, Rachel will keep in touch with you, giving you progress reports.  If you live close enough, home visits are a possibility.  We feel that home visits are a very important part of the training and bonding experience.  It gives the dogs a chance to see what exactly their life will be like when they are placed with you.

When your service dog is finished with the training, you will have to travel to Plymouth, Indiana and train with Rachel and the other trainers.  It can take anywhere from a couple days to a week.  We also provide follow-up training sessions when you go home with your dog.
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Training a special dog for your individual needs.
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